Short supply chain and lean logistics

We have two buildings located within a kilometer each other: a garage for storage and maintenance of machinery, and a plant for storage activities. Land and structures create a short supply chain and lean logistics to the benefit of overall traceability. We carry out all the processing phases: starting from the planning of the crops and the choice of the best seeds, moving on to the preparation and the sowing of the land, lastly to proceed to the harvest, which is concentrated in the summer.

From producer to consumer cold chain

The production steps never interrupt the cold chain, ensuring the right conservation from the producer to the final consumer. Once collected, the product is loaded onto refrigerated trucks bound for the factory: here the products are stored at a controlled temperature in the cold rooms, ready to be transported on refrigerated trucks to the large-scale retail trade. In this way, the products maintain their integrity and organoleptic properties unaltered offering only the best of nature.

Quality control and agronomic advice

For optimal management of cultivation techniques and quality control, we rely on the assistance and training of external specialists and agronomists, who evaluate through objective analysis the technical requirements of the production cycle. A consultancy is able to promote the adaptation to national and European regulations in the field of agriculture, and to guarantee that every product complies with the marketing.

Technology at the service of agriculture

We encourage growth with important technological innovations that are able to rationalize processes and apply ad hoc skills. Investments in training and in cutting-edge agricultural machinery lead to an efficient and dynamic management of the entire supply chain. The monitoring of the plots through detailed satellite images allows us to visualize the evolution of the land and the growing conditions of the crops. Furthermore, each agricultural machine is equipped with satellite systems, for a smart and coordinated management of all activities.