From the foundation to the present days

The passion for agriculture that drives us has deep and ancient roots. Our history began at the end of the 19th century after the drainage of the old Fucino Lake. At that time, hundreds of laborers, moved by the dream of a better life, settled in the Marsica area. 

Among these people, the enterprising Emidio Verdecchia brought his family from the Marche region to Luco dei Marsi, in order to cultivate the lands that emerged after draining the lake. The potential of the recently formed Fucino plain, combined with the love for agriculture passed to his son Annibale, led us to our great adventure called Azienda Verdecchia, one of the most prosperous agricultural reality in the Fucino plain.

Quality and innovation

Driven by the continuous search for safety and quality of products, our company represents an Italian reality made up of cutting-edge agricultural techniques and significant figures, obtained by following the knowledge passed from father to son with constant attention to innovation.

In 1978, the brothers Roberto and Gabriele decided to innovate and introduce the cultivation of Spinach in the Fucino plain. A product that finds its ideal place of production in the family business. It was a pioneering and successful intuition supported by his sons Marco and Annibale, which today makes Spinach the symbol of the company in Italy and abroad.

Our certified products are available in the major distribution chains, therefore they has to meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to exclusive collaborations with the main brands in the industry, we cover national and international markets. An expansive policy that has led us to make continuous investments and innovative transformations, without ever losing sight of the primary objective: to bring tasty and genuine products to your tables.